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  Irish Autism Action Anti-bullying Campaign with CHASE


Hi everyone and welcome to our anti-bullying campaign, my name is CHASE (Children’s Health & Safety Educator) and together with my friends from Irish Autism Action we intend to stamp out bullying through the use of an online training and awareness course for children called “No More Bullies with CHASE”.

What’s it all about:

There are many awareness initiatives out there dealing with the topic of bullying however the CHASE anti-bullying campaign is different because it deals with the issue by educating our children on how to recognise bullying behaviour and what to do to prevent it from recurring in the future.

CHASE believes early intervention focusing on creating not only awareness but a practical knowledge of what to do and what not to do will ultimately help our children grow into both happy and healthy adults.

Chase Thumbs up and big smile

ISPCC Bullying Statistics - EU Kids Online (Ireland Report)

1 in 5 (19%) young people across Europe have been bullied

23% (9-16 year olds) reported having been bullied either online or offline

Of the 23% bullied; 15% was face to face, 4% was on the internet and 4% was via mobile

15-16 year olds reported more electronic bullying; 9% internet and 10% mobile phone

14% have bullied others in the past year

In 2011, Childline phone service received 10,722 calls from children and young people in relation to Bullying. These children present as being helpless, not knowing what to do; they are afraid to tell anyone due to the fear that the bullying may get worse. 

Kid being Stressed

What is Bullying:

Bullying is when one person or group of people pick on another person for whatever reason.
There are many different types of bullying. For example there's Verbal Bullying, That's the teasing or taunting of another child with words and name calling and there's also Physical Bullying and that's the hitting, kicking or pushing of another child.
If you got to watch the cartoon you will have observed, Sean was bullied by Tom, who excluded him from their games. Tom also called Sean names, pushed him and embarrassed him in front of the other children.
So we listened to Sean's problems, reassured him he had done nothing wrong.
We all know or at least have a good idea what bullying is but very few of us know what to do about it. So my team and I put a course together called “No More Bullying with Chase” to help explain bullying and give tips on what to do to prevent and deal with bullying behaviour.

Bullying Boy
Chase And Sean

How do we deliver the course?

Our friends at have developed a Learning Management System (LMS) for CHASE to deliver his courses over the internet.

The CHASE Learning Mnagement System is a software based application for the administration, documentation, tracking and report of training programs.

Once you register for the campaign and return your phones will be instructed to set you up on your own system enabling access to your courses. Don't worry if you're not good with internet, the system is designed for children as young as 4 years of age to navigate. We provide system administrators initial training and a comprehensive user manual as well as access to technical support to ensure everything goes smoothly.

If you wish to know more about the other great courses CHASE delivers please go to

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